Phoodie Hooded Blanket – Red

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Whether you’re out lounging around or going on a late-night K-mart Run Phoodie is the perfect choice when it comes to keeping yourself wrapped up in a warm and comfortablePhoodie! 

Comfort all around

Made from a luxuriously soft fabric and with a roomy, oversized fit, this cuddle hoodie is suitable for wear on anyone! It offers complete coverage to keep you warm and comfortable, along with a convenient kangaroo pocket to keep things at hand.

Switch up the style

Thanks to its reversible design, you can easily turn the hoodie inside out to change from flannel to fleece to switch up the style to suit your preference.

Machine washable

Quick and easy to clean, simply pop it in the washing machine and you can get back to curling up in the clean, cosy warmth of the hoodie.